How to use Ciso Webex Meeting for ISSFIT-14

A brief video overview of the application is available here.

Connect to the meeting

  • Click the meeting link that was sent to you via email and select Open Webex () in your browser pop-up window.
  • NOTE: Make sure that the Cisco Webex Meeting application is installed on your device. If not, visit the link to download and install.
  • NOTE: Connecting directly from the browser is not recommended because some of the app features are not enabled. More info on supported browsers and limitations is available here.
  • Enter your information (Name and Email address).

  • Please enter your full name (Name LastName) to enable effective conference management and session chairing.
  • NOTE: The name (but not the email) will be seen by all participants.

Choose the appropriate settings before joining the meeting

  • Use the Test speaker and microphone button () to test the settings.
  • If necessary, modify the default settings by clicking on the drop-down menu () in the Mute/Unmute button () to select the desired Speaker and Microphone and the Start video/Stop video button () to select the Camera.
  • When you are ready, click Join meeting ().
  • NOTE: All participants will be muted automatically upon joining the meeting.
  • NOTE: You may be placed in a Lobby for a few moments until you are admitted by the host.

Test sessions

  • To avoid technical issues (microphone issues, screen sharing …), test sessions will be available. During test sessions, the meeting link will be active and a member of the Organizing Committee available to interact with you and assist you.
  • You can join at any time during the test sessions (see below) or let us know the exact time you would like to join via email (
    • Tuesday (July 6th):         09:00–10:00 and 14:00–16:00
    • Wednesday (July 7th):   08:00–08:55 and 12:30–13:30 (lunch break)
    • Thursday (July 8th):       08:00–08:55 and 12:30–13:30 (lunch break)
    • Friday (July 9th):            08:00–08:55 and 12:30–13:30 (lunch break)
  • Technical tests will take place individually in private Breakout sessions. After connecting to the meeting link, you will be invited to a private breakout session by the host. Click Join now () when you receive an invitation

Invited and oral lectures – presenters

  • To give an invited or an oral presentation, please join the meeting at least a few minutes before the start of your session.
  • When the session chair invites you to give your talk, please:
    • Unmute () yourself and Start video ().
    • Click the Share button () at the bottom of the page to share graphical content.
  • NOTE: Sharing will be enabled right before the start of your presentation by the host (indicated by the Share button becoming active).
    • Select the window with your presentation, click Share () and select Slide Show (if using PowerPoint).


  • The orange banner () at the top of the window indicates that you are sharing content. By moving the mouse pointer to the banner, the menu appears.

  • Please pay attention to the assigned talk time and allow the last 5 minutes for Q&A (invited lectures: 25 min talk + 5 min Q&A; oral presentations 15 min talk + 5 min Q&A).
  • The Q&A session will be moderated by the session chairperson. Please keep your video on during the Q&A and manage your mute/unmute button in flow with the discussion.
  • NOTE: For your privacy, we recommend selecting the Window/Application with the presentation instead of sharing a Screen.
  • NOTE: When using multiple screens, the Presenter View may be shown to the audience instead of the Slide Show. If this happens, click the More slide show options button () and select Hide Presenter View.

  • NOTE: In PowerPoint, you can use a laser pointer or other Pointer options (right click on the Slide Show) to point to the content.
  • NOTE: More info on content sharing is available on the link.

Poster sessions – presenters

  • Please join the meeting at least a few minutes before the start of your session.
  • After the chairperson opens the session, each poster will be showcased by firstly showing the submitted video presentation. Then, the graphical poster will be shown to assist the short Q&A for each presenter. The Q&A will be managed by the chairperson.
  • NOTE: All the content for the poster sessions will be managed by the host.
  • Start video () and Unmute () yourself for the discussion.
  • NOTE: Kindly invited to review the posters before the poster sessions and to prepare comments and questions for the debate. The content will be made available on June 30th.

General meeting etiquette

  • Microphone and video
    • When not actively participating, keep the microphone muted.
    • We suggest keeping your video on during the symposium for a more interactive experience (especially during your presentation, chairing a session or posting questions).
    • NOTE: However, if you experience poor internet connection, turning the video off may be beneficial.
  • Q&A
    • You can post your question or comment to the presenter in two ways – asking it live or writing it in the Chat panel for the chairperson to read to the presenter. We strongly encourage a live and interactive discussions, but the chat option will also be available.
  • Q&A – Live discussion
    • To ask a question, select Raise hand () in the selection of Reactions () or in the Participants panel next to your name.
    • Please wait for the chairperson to call on you before you Unmute () yourself and ask the question.
    • You can lower the hand at any time by clicking the hand symbol () in the video or the participant list, or by selecting Lower hand () from the Reactions () options.


  • Q&A – Chat
    • Questions posted publicly in the Chat section will be selected and read by the chairpersons. Select To: Everyone () from the drop-down to send a public question.
    • NOTE: Hold on from writing your question until the start of the Q&A to avoid distracting the presenter during the talk.
    • To ask technical questions to the organizers, please send a private message to the host by selecting To: ISSFIT14 Symposium.
    • To send private questions to other participants, select To: Name of Participant.


  • Joining/leaving the meeting
    • Please join the sessions on time if you play an active role. In case of unforeseen issues that may make you late or unable to attend the meeting, please inform the organizer at as soon as possible.
    • NOTE: The meeting link will remain active during breaks and lunch breaks. You can leave the meeting and rejoin or remain connected.
    • NOTE: Joining/leaving the meeting during sessions will not be distracting to other participants (no entry/exit tone).


  • Please join the meeting at least a few minutes before the start of your session.
  • The sessions will begin on time. The start of each session will be announced by the host who will invite you to take over and introduce the session.
  • Manage your Mute/Unmute button () in flow of the discussion and keep the video on, if possible.
  • To moderate the Q&A session, please activate your Participants and Chat panels and monitor them for Raised hands (Participants panel) and posted questions (Chat panel).

  • Call on a participant with the Raised hand () symbol to post his or her question. Select questions from the Chat panel and read them out loud to the presenter.
  • Please keep track of time to end the session on time.
  • NOTE: No technical management is required by the chairperson. Each participant can Raise hand, Mute/Unmute themselves and write Chat questions at any time. Presentation sharing rights are assigned by the host.